Sentencing & Jail Alternatives

My goal at ZAYID LAW is to keep you out of jail. Fortunately, in Michigan, there are several alternatives to avoid jail time when convicted of a crime. ZAYID LAW is experienced in identifying and pursuing all available alternatives to jail to offer to the firm's clients, based on the circumstances of their case. I will go through every available option to determine which is the best solution for you to stay out of jail.

Michigan Jail Alternatives

There are several jail alternatives in Michigan, and it requires the expertise of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to present you with the options that are best suited for your case. ZAYID LAW has experience securing clients with the following jail alternatives:

  • Substance Abuse Treatment (Drug Charges)
  • Deferred/Delayed Sentences
  • Work Release
  • Community Service
  • Heightened Fines
  • Probation or Supervision
  • Rehabilitation
  • House Arrest

Michigan Alternative Courts

There are special courts in the State of Michigan for crime-specific offenses or for certain demographics, including drug and alcohol treatment courts and juvenile courts.

Drug and Alcohol Courts almost exclusively adjudicate crimes and offenses attributed to drug or alcohol addiction. These courts consider the effect that addiction has in the decision to commit the crime and offer rehabilitative measures. ZAYID LAW understands the available alternatives and can go over which is best suited for your specific case. You may be subject to certain requirements such as support groups, education completion, and drug testing, but I will ensure you understand the potential results of a Michigan drug or alcohol treatment court decision.

Juvenile court has experience with the psychology of minors and the crimes committed by minors. ZAYID LAW is uniquely positioned to represent a minor in these courts, particularly with respect to highlighting the mitigating factors of youth in seeking a lesser or reduced sentence.


In Michigan, probation is an option for people facing all charges except murder, treason, criminal sexual conduct (CSC) in the first degree, CSC in the third degree, or armed robbery. Probation is usually granted when a judge is convinced that the offender is unlikely to reoffend of up to 5 years (felonies) and up to 2 years (misdemeanors). The terms of the probation are initially established in an order but are subject to change based on compliance and other circumstances.

Michigan law has specific conditions that must be complied with under Michigan Penal Code (771.3). During probation, the probationer

  • Must not violate any law or leave the state without the court's consent.
  • Must report to the probation office as required by the terms of the order;
  • Pay any prescribed fees, state costs, assessments and restitutions;
  • comply with any acts required (such as the Sex Offender Registration Act).

Probation may also include treatment and counseling, community service, house arrest, electronic monitoring, and community corrections programs, alcohol or drug testing, education completion, curfew, or prohibition from certain locations, among other things.

ZAYID LAW has experience in utilizing probation as a means of avoiding jail time and will advise you of all available options and considerations in seeking such measures.

Michigan Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA)

Michigan offers an opportunity for persons aged 17-21 to clear their record under the Michigan Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA). The only crimes that the HYTA is not available for include traffic offenses, criminal sexual conduct, and capital offenses. If a person is considered eligible for HYTA and he/she completes probation, the underlying offense will not appear on his/her criminal record. ZAYID LAW works to apply the HYTA in every appropriate case and fights to preserve your right to a clean record. I guide you through the HYTA process to ensure full compliance and an opportunity to move past the case and into your future.

Seventy-Four Eleven (7411) Sentencing

As another jail alternative, Michigan offers what is known as Michigan “Seventy-Four Eleven” Sentencing, derived from Michigan Penal Code Section 333.7411. Under this rule, judges can establish terms by which a person charged with particular drug crimes can avoid jail if they adhere to the conditions set forth by the Court. The most common terms under 7411 are payment of fees and drug rehabilitation. 7411 sentencing is effective because it allows the individual to maintain a clear record, subject to his/her satisfaction of the judge’s terms. If you have been charged with a crime involving a controlled substance, contact ZAYID LAW to discuss eligibility for 7411 sentencing to ensure your rights are adequately preserved.

Michigan Delayed Sentencing Options

Delayed sentencing is an option if and when you are convicted of a crime in Michigan. This alternative is reserved for situations in which the judge is convinced you are not likely to commit another crime or be a danger to the public. Under this procedure, your sentence may be postponed for up to one year, during which you may petition the Court for a smaller sentence while also exploring additional alternative sentencing options. The convicted party must abide by the terms and conditions imposed by the Court during his/her delayed sentence. Notably, however, the crime is not omitted or expunged from your criminal record.

Parole in Michigan

Parole is an option to cut short a prison sentence, subject to eligibility and under review by the Michigan Parole and Commutation board. One of the main criteria for eligibility is an assessment of risk by releasing an inmate to the general public. ZAYID LAW has experience representing individuals seeking, and up for, parole, and will fight for you every step of the way to ensure you present the best possible case before the review board.

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ZAYID LAW knows what it takes to keep you free and out of jail. Call today at 888-ZAYID-LAW for a free consultation. Sentencing options in Michigan are complex and require the counsel from an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney at ZAYID LAW. I will explain every option at your disposal and work with you to find the best option for your case. I am here to fight for you, your future and your freedom.