Michigan Zero Tolerance Law Underage OWI

The legal drinking age in Michigan is 21 and there is a “zero tolerance” policy for underage drinking and driving. Underage drivers encountering an underage OWI charge face serious consequences at a critical point in their life as they begin to drive, apply for college and look for jobs. With so much on the line, it is critical to hire an attorney like me who understands this particular law and who can fight to ensure your minor can carry on with a productive, successful life without the underage OWI charge holding him back.

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Michigan’s Zero Tolerance Law

Any person under the legal drinking age of 21 may not operate a motor vehicle in any location open to the general public or accessible to motor vehicles, including highways and parking lots, while under the influence of alcohol. If the minor is found with a blood alcohol content of 0.02% to 0.07%, they will be charged with a first offense OWI under Michigan’s Zero Tolerance law, as outlined in the Michigan Vehicle Code. However, an underage driver with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or more could be charged with a standard OWI, which is a more serious offense which carries increased penalties.

Potential Penalties for Michigan’s Zero Tolerance Law

First Offense:

  • $250 fine
  • 360 hours of mandatory community service.

Second Offense: (Occurring within 7 years)

  • $500 fine
  • Up to 60 days community service
  • 93 days in jail.

BAC of .08% or Greater: If the underage driver had a BAC of .08% or higher, the charge would be elevated to an standard OWI, which may carry greater fines, more community service, up to 93 days in jail for a first offense, and license revocation along with mandatory alcohol treatment.

Hire Zayid Law to Defend Your Underage OWI Case

The consequences of Michigan’s Zero Tolerance Law can be harsh and have a negative impact on an underage person at one of the most critical moments in their life. It is important to hire an attorney like me who will examine every detail of your case and assess every possible defense to ensure your rights are adequately preserved and you reach the best possible outcome. There is no reason why one mistake under the age of 21 should affect the most important years of your life. Call ZAYID LAW for a free and confidential case evaluation.