Juvenile Expungements

Application to Set Aside Adjudication/Conviction

Expungement is the legal term for removing a previous conviction from your permanent record. In Michigan, in order to seek an expungement, you must file what is called an “application to set aside an adjudication or conviction”. In certain circumstances, juvenile offenses may eb set aside or expunged from your criminal record. This is particularly important for minors who are in the midst of applying for college, jobs, rental housing, or other licensures. ZAYID LAW has success helping minors set aside convictions, clear their records, and get a second chance in life. Call me today to see how ZAYID LAW can help you or your minor clear your record.

When Can I Apply to Set Aside Adjudication?

A minor may apply to set aside eligible juvenile offenses once he/she reaches the age of 18 and one of the following– whichever comes latest:

  • One year after the disposition; or
  • One year following detention, or

There are several legal requirements which must be satisfied which are mandated by the statute. MCL 712A.18e



Up to 3 eligible misdemeanors

An assaultive crime as defined by MCL 770.9a (including all CSC offenses)

1 eligible felony +

2 eligible misdemeanors

An offense involving the use or possession of a weapon

Multiple offenses (adjudications) that arise in a continuous 12-hour period with a single intent and goal = one offense

An offense with a maximum penalty of 10 or more years

Applications to set aside convictions can be technical and burdensome. An experienced attorney can improve your chances of getting your record expunged. If you or your minor are looking to clear your record, call me today for a free initial consultation.