Traffic Violations

Driving in the Motor City is quite literally a way of life, and it is important to understand the many ways in which your driving privileges may be compromised, restricted, suspended or revoked. Traffic violations can occur intentionally or unintentionally, but either way – the consequences are serious and can have negative affects on your ability to drive. ZAYID LAW understands how important it is to maintain your license and a clean driving record and will aggressively defend you to ensure your rights are protected to obtain the best possible outcome.

ZAYID LAW has proven results and aggressively defends clients in Macomb County, Oakland County, Washtenaw County, and Wayne County.

Traffic Violations

  • SPEEDING – Speeding tickets, and resulting penalties, often depend on the speed you were traveling and the county in which you were pulled over. In any case, you should expect fines, potentially points, and an increase in insurance rates.
  • DRIVING WITH SUSPENDED/REVOKED LICENSE – Driving with a suspended or revoked license violate the same law in Michigan. The consequences reach beyond just your ability to drive, and it is important to contact Justin Zayid to ensure your rights (and driving record) is protected.
  • RECKLESS DRIVING – A subjective charge that is reliant upon police observation. If you are found to be intentionally driving in a dangerous or risky manner, you may be subjected to a misdemeanor charge and serious consequences. Learn more about the law and how ZAYID LAW defends against these charges.
  • HIT AND RUN – Michigan law requires drivers who are involved in accidents to “stop and remain” at the scene. Failure to remain at the scene of the accident could result in hit and run charges, which have serious consequences.
  • FLEEING & ELUDING POLICEIf you are given a lawful command by a police officer and willfully fail to obey, you can be charged for fleeing and eluding. If you commit a traffic violation and are instructed to pull over and do not, serious penalties may follow.

Driver’s License Points for Traffic Violations

Michigan attributes “points” for various traffic violations, and if you reach 12 points, your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked, along with several fines and conditions for reinstatement. It is important to understand how points are attributed, how to fight the charges that come with points, and how to remove points from your record. Contact Justin Zayid to learn more about how to avoid points on your driver’s license.

Below are the typical violations that come with each amount of points:

  • 2 points:
    • Speeding (5-10 mph over limit)
    • Open container in vehicle
  • 3 points:
    • Speeding (11-15 mph over limit)
    • Disobeying a traffic signal
    • Careless driving
    • Failure to stop at a railroad crossing or for a school bus.
  • 4 points:
    • Speeding (15 mph+ over the limit)
    • Impaired driving
    • Underage driver with BAC
    • Failure to yield for emergency vehicles.
    • Drag racing
  • 6 points:
    • Reckless driving
    • DUI
    • Hit and Run
    • Fleeing and eluding.

Contact ZAYID LAW to Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Justin Zayid has extensive experience fighting traffic tickets and obtaining reduced charges or in some cases, dismissals. A traffic violation may have serious consequences on your criminal record, driving record and ability to drive. Justin Zayid understands how important it is to preserve your rights and fight for the best possible outcome for your case.

If you have been cited for traffic violations or charged with traffic misdemeanors, contact Justin Zayid today for a free consultation. The sooner Mr. Zayid steps in to defend you, the better position you will be to fight the charges and get the best possible results. With so much on the line, you need the experienced representation of Justin Zayid.

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