Speeding and Moving Violations

Speeding and other moving violations are the most common traffic offenses in Michigan. In most cases, speeding tickets are civil infractions, which only require the payment of a fine. However, in some circumstances, these traffic offenses can result in misdemeanors, which carry jail time and higher fines. Perhaps the most notable consequence of a speeding or moving violation is the points added to your driver’s license, which can affect your ability to drive and your insurance rates. It is critical to hire an attorney who understands the potential penalties you face. The sooner you call me the sooner we can fight your ticket and preserve your rights.

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There are two types of penalties that usually come with speeding tickets: monetary fines and points on your license. These penalties have negative consequences, both in your pocket and your driving record. It is critical to understand the potential penalties that come with your speeding ticket and how I can help you reduce the penalties and achieve the best outcome for your case.


A speeding ticket will result in fines that vary depending on the speed at which you were traveling and the city in which you were cited. However, below are the common fines:

1 – 5 mph over the limit $125
6 – 10 mph over the limit $135
11 – 15 mph over the limit $140
16 – 20 mph over the limit $150
21 -- 25 mph over the limit $160
Over 26 mph $170

You must respond to the ticket and pay your fine by the deadline stated on the ticket. If you fail to respond or pay the fine, your license may be suspended by the Secretary of State.


You will also be subjected to points on your license for speeding or any other traffic offense. Points are very serious because they may affect your ability to drive and increase your insurance premiums. They are also lasting – they stay on your driving record for 2 years. The more serious the offense, the more points will be added:

1-5 mph over the speed limit 1 point
6-10 mph over the speed limit 2 points
11-15 mph over the speed limit 3 points
15 mph and over the speed limit 4 points

Consequences of Points:

Michigan’s points system operate on a 12 point scale. The more points you receive, the harsher the consequences. If you get points within the 12 point range, you will receive warning letters from the Secretary of State. However, once you reach 12 points, will be subjected to a Driver Reexamination hearing, where officials will review your driving record and determine whether your license should be suspended. The hearing will include information from police, medical personnel, Secretary of State, etc.

Michigan provides relief to people who incur points by offering Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC). If these courses are successfully completed, you may be able to remove some points off of your record. See below for more information about Michigan’s BDIC:

See more at: https://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-5647_12539-245584--,00.html