Nicholas S.

JUSTIN ZAYID IS THE BEST CRIMINAL LAW DEFENSE ATTORNEY IN TOWN!!!! Please select this guy to represent you. I promise you won’t be sorry. Let me tell you why.

Justin was always available (early morning and even late nights) to address any and all of my questions and concerns. Justin showed up early to all court hearings to prep me on what was to except in court and explain in great details what his defense plan was to achieve the best outcome for my daily life and professional career. Being a working professional in an line of work where I am always subjected to background checks; it was of the upmost importance that criminal charges not be on my record. Justin understood that no criminal charges due to work regulations and policies was my main objective and he took this into considered throughout this whole process.

What I found to be most assuring about Justin is that he explained up front what the charges were and broke down the legal aspect of those charges. Justin educated me on what evidence the prosecution needed to prove for a conviction, informed me of the possible outcomes, and took in account what was the best defense strategy for me. Justin and I agreed on a defense plan and he stuck to that plan from the beginning of the court proceedings to the end.

Today those charges are behind me and I am moving forward with my life. I remember during one particular court hearing the judge looked at me and said “I hope you know and appreciate how hard your attorney is working for you”. All I could say is “YES I DO YOU HONOR”. I trusted Justin completely and he was definitely the right attorney for the job. I HIGLY recommend attorney Justin Zayid. Trust me; you will be so thankful you did.