Welcome to Zayid Law!

Hi, my name is Justin Zayid, founder of Zayid Law. I started Zayid Law because I’ve seen too many people go down against a system that cares more about a conviction than it does about seeking justice. I was literally born to do this. My father, Geno, put Zayid Law on the map as a premier personal injury attorney. He fought for the common man against the system and big insurance companies. I started defending corporations. I understand how they think. How they work. How they act. And now that I understand their secrets, I turned the table and represent people who are fighting for their freedom. When I take on your case, I take on your charges. That means we’re in this together. I’ll fight the charges for you on day one and won’t rest until the case is dismissed or you’re satisfied. Lawyers like to say that they are there for you, but I’m actually with you in the trenches. When you hire me, you have all access, 24 hours, 7 days a week, but phone, text, email, zoom or in person. I’m always there for you and on behalf of you because your freedom is my focus. When you’re in trouble, you need an attorney who’s going to protect your freedom like his own. You need an attorney like me, Justin Zayid. Call 888-ZAYID-LAW or visit zayidlaw.com.

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