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Drunk Driving (DUI or OWI)

Drunk Driving (OWI) Offenses in Michigan The law in Michigan is very serious about drinking and driving, or what is referred to “operating while intoxicated” (OWI). However, rarely are these types of cases cut and dry – there are often circumst… Read More

Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)

Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), often referring to as DUI, can be a serious crime under Michigan law, and it is important to not only understand the charges brought against you, but to retain an attorney who has experience fighting and defending t… Read More

Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI)

Under Michigan law, you do not necessarily need to be charged with an OWI to be charged with a drunk driving offense. even if you’re blood alcohol content is less than 0.08, you can be still prosecuted for “operating while impaired.” While the… Read More

How Does an OWI Case Work? (Guide)

An OWI case usually begins with a police officer noticing some type of reason to pull you over while you are operating your vehicle. What happens next will determine whether you can go free or whether you will be arrested for drunk driving. 1. Reason… Read More

OWI Defenses

No Grounds for Traffic Stop: The police cannot pull you over for no reason – they must have reasonable suspicion of some type of traffic violation. This may include erratic driving, broken taillight, ignoring traffic signals, etc. However, ZAYID LA… Read More

What is Implied Consent?

Under Michigan law, driving is a privilege, not an absolute right. If you have a driver’s license and are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you are deemed to have consented to a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol content. If you ch… Read More

What to Expect if You Are Convicted

If you are convicted of a drunk driving offense such as OWI, you will undergo a series of steps before being sentenced by the judge. Interview with Probation Officer: The first step of the sentencing phase is an interview with a probation officer who… Read More

Underage OWI

The legal drinking age in Michigan is 21 and there is a “zero tolerance” policy for underage drinking and driving. Underage drivers encountering an underage OWI charge face serious consequences at a critical point in their life as they begin to d… Read More

Sentencing & Jail Alternatives

There are severe consequences for an OWI conviction under Michigan law. You can learn more about specific consequences in ZAYID LAW’s comprehensive Michigan drunk driving (OWI) section. But, depending on your specific circumstances, Michigan pr… Read More

Traffic Violations

Driving in the Motor City is quite literally a way of life, and it is important to understand the many ways in which your driving privileges may be compromised, restricted, suspended or revoked. Traffic violations can occur intentionally or unintenti… Read More

Speeding and Moving Violations

Speeding and other moving violations are the most common traffic offenses in Michigan. In most cases, speeding tickets are civil infractions, which only require the payment of a fine. However, in some circumstances, these traffic offenses can result… Read More

Driving With a Suspended/Revoked License (DWLS)

A suspended license can affect your life both personally and professionally – but driving with a suspended or revoked license only makes matters worse. Not only do you lose your license, but you face harsher consequences including jail time, thousa… Read More

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is not a petty traffic offense – it carries serious punishment and, in some cases, jail time. Michigan law features elevating degrees of punishment based on the seriousness of your reckless driving offense. If your reckless driving… Read More

Hit and Run

Failing to Stop at the Scene of an Accident In Michigan, if you are involved in an accident you are required to remain on scene – if you flee the scene, you face serious consequences. It is important to understand your duties and obligations follow… Read More

Fleeing and Eluding in Michigan

Michigan law requires drivers to pull over or obey lawful commands when instructed to do so by police officers. If you disobey or ignore such commands, you can be charged with fleeing and eluding. For instance, if you are speeding and a police office… Read More

Drug Charges

Drug charges are among the harshest penalties under Michigan law, and it is important to set up an aggressive defense when charged with a crime. A conviction for a Michigan drug offense can result in many negative long-term consequences for your life… Read More

Use of a Controlled Substance

Michigan enforces laws against not only the possession or distribution of drugs, but also the use of a controlled substance without a prescription or medical card. You can face charges for not only the use of illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or… Read More

Drug Possession

Michigan law imposes severe punishment on the possession of a controlled substance, and it is important to set up an aggressive legal defense if you are accused (or even investigated) for the crime. The penalties and consequences for drug possession… Read More

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking, which includes buying, selling, and distributing controlled substances, is a felony in Michigan and the consequences are life altering. If you are convicted of a drug trafficking crime, depending on the circumstances, you may face l… Read More

Prescription Drugs

Michigan enforces laws against prescription drugs as harshly as it does illicit drugs. The potential for abuse in the pharmaceutical setting has caused the state to crackdown on prescription drugs and those who illegally obtain, use and abuse prescri… Read More

Drug Crime Definitions

The law can be confusing and intimidating. ZAYID LAW believes knowledge is power, and we work to make sure you understand the process so you can actively participate in your defense. Below is a list of frequently used terms that will help you underst… Read More

How Does a Drug Case Work? (Guide)

Drug cases are very serious and it is critical to understand the process in order to make sound decisions and obtain the best possible outcome for your case. With so much on the line, you need an attorney like Justin Zayid who knows the system and ca… Read More

Sentencing & Jail Alternatives

There are severe consequences for a drug conviction under Michigan law. You can learn more about specific consequences in ZAYID LAW’s comprehensive Michigan drug charges section. But, depending on your specific circumstances, Michigan provides… Read More

Enhanced Penalties

Possession or Sale Drug Crimes In Michigan, there are certain circumstances where the statutory penalties for crimes related to the sale or possession of controlled and illicit substances result in enhanced penalties. If you are accused of a drug cri… Read More

Weapons Charges

The 2nd Amendment, and the Right to Bear Arms, is one of the fundamental privileges we hold as Americans. However, the key word is privilege, and it is a privilege that can be taken away from you if you commit a felony or other weapons-related offens… Read More

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

While the 2nd Amendment is a right that we hold sacred as Americans, that right can be modified in the interest of public health and safety. This generally means that while we have the right to bear arms, the government can impose certain conditions… Read More

Felon in Possession of Firearms

A significant negative consequence of a felony conviction is the forfeiting of your right to bear arms. In Michigan, however, unlike many other states, felons do have the ability to reinstate their right to bear arms, subject to their successful comp… Read More

Illegal Possession of a Firearm

The 2nd Amendment unequivocally grants citizens the right to bear arms. However, the constitution makes no mention about what kind of weapons we may possess. Michigan law imposes certain restrictions on the type of gun ownership in the interest of pu… Read More

Theft & Property Crimes

Theft offenses in Michigan come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain – the consequences are serious. Unlike other criminal charges, accusations of theft can often be reasonably explained through misunderstandings, miscommunications, or… Read More


While we commonly use the term “theft,” the legal term for stealing under Michigan law is “larceny.” Despite the difference in name, the underlying act is pretty straightforward: taking something owned by someone else without their permission… Read More

Retail Fraud/Shoplifting

Retail fraud is the legal term for “shoplifting.” The law in Michigan for retail fraud can be confusing, and a misunderstanding of the potential consequences can have negative effects on your personal and professional life. Many retail fraud or s… Read More

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious crime in Michigan, and the potential consequences of an identity theft conviction can have lasting negative effects on your personal and professional life. Personal identification is among the most sensitive information we… Read More

Vehicle Theft

Vehicle theft is a serious crime in Michigan, and without the right attorney, you may face consequences that will have a lasting effect on your personal and professional life. There are several crimes related to vehicle theft, and depending on the ci… Read More

Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery is one of the rare crimes in Michigan that are punishable up to life in prison. It goes without saying that if you are accused or charged with armed robbery, your life is on the line. There are several requisite elements to satisfy an a… Read More

Unarmed Robbery

Unarmed robbery is among the more serious types of theft charges in Michigan. If you are convicted of unarmed robbery, you face a felony, which can result in prison time, thousands in fines and a permanent criminal record. There is a “gray area”… Read More

Home Invasion

What is commonly known as “burglary” is called “home invasion” under Michigan law. Home invasion is a felony in Michigan, and a felony conviction could have serious and lasting consequences on your life. Michigan law affords prosecutors consi… Read More


Arson is a serious crime, and so are the penalties resulting from a conviction. Basically, it’s illegal to maliciously burn any type of property—land, houses, buildings, furniture, and even motor vehicles. The penalties range from a few months in… Read More


Fraud offenses in Michigan come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain – the consequences are serious. Unlike other criminal charges, accusations of fraud can often be reasonably explained through misunderstandings, miscommunications, or… Read More


Embezzlement offenses are the most common type of “white collar” crimes and often involve complex schemes and allegations. It is critical to hire an attorney like me as early as possible to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to fight embez… Read More


Forgery is referred to as “uttering and publishing,” and forgery offenses are felonies under Michigan law. A felony conviction for forgery can have negative and lasting consequences on your life, including jail time, fines, risk of job loss, and… Read More

Credit Card Theft

Credit card theft is similar to credit card fraud, though it requires the act of stealing what is called a “Financial Transaction Device” or an “FTD.” An FTD under Michigan law can be a credit cards, debit cards, account numbers, PINs, etc. T… Read More

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a unique offense because it usually involves what appears to be non-violent, harmless crimes by people who aren’t usually considered “criminals.” Nevertheless, the penalties for committing insurance fraud are serious and can… Read More

Juvenile Crimes

Almost everyone makes a mistake as a minor that they regret, but those mistakes should not define your entire life. When a minor is charged with a crime, they face very serious consequences that can leave negative consequences at such a crucial time… Read More

Juvenile Court Process

Petition When the police complete their investigation, they will turn over the reports and facts to the prosecuting attorney who will determine what action to take. The prosecutor may decide not to file the petition, which means the case is dismissed… Read More

Juvenile Delinquency

When a minor is charged with a crime in the state of Michigan, the default route is the juvenile delinquency proceeding. This means that the prosecutor will file what is called a “petition” in the Family Division of the Circuit Court. The notable… Read More

Juvenile Diversion Programs

No one wants their minor child to be accused or charged with a criminal offense. Minors are usually in the midst of graduating high school, applying for college, or beginning their careers. A criminal record or prison time can have damaging effects o… Read More

Juvenile Charged as an Adult

Although the law provides several diversionary programs and judicial delinquency that allow minors to avoid criminal convictions, there are four types of proceedings that can lead to a criminal conviction for a minor: Automatic Waiver Traditional Wai… Read More

Juvenile Criminal Offenses in Michigan

It can be very stressful and intimidating if you or your minor has been accused or charged with committing a juvenile offense. ZAYID LAW has extensive experience representing minors charged with various crimes. It is important to understand the juven… Read More

Juvenile Expungements

Application to Set Aside Adjudication/Conviction Expungement is the legal term for removing a previous conviction from your permanent record. In Michigan, in order to seek an expungement, you must file what is called an “application to set aside an… Read More

Clear Your Record

Driving is in the Motor City is, quite literally, a way of life. Under Michigan law, the punishment for crimes such as drinking and driving often includes the temporary or permanent restriction, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license and… Read More

Driver License Restoration

Driving is a way of life, particularly in the Motor City. Losing your driving privileges can have severe consequences on your personal and professional life, whether it be visiting family or commuting to your job. Unfortunately, under Michigan law, t… Read More


Expungement is the legal term for clearing your criminal record. If you are looking into an expungement, chances are you have been negatively affected by your criminal record. A misdemeanor or felony on your permanent record can have negative effects… Read More